App Engine is great as long as you don’t have to intregrate with anything.

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Notes from Learning Chrome Extension Programming

Google Doc: ** ** Notes GopherJS Chrome Extension Affirm Lang1 Local Storage example:1 March 15 2018 Session.2 Events accessible by Chrome extensions3 Actions that might be useful3 Most direct Solution Found so Far3 ** ** Notes GopherJS Chrome Extension Affirm Lang ** ** ** ** http://localhost:8080/hellog/ ** ** ** ** sChrome Extension API: ** ** A Shared app built in gopherjs ** **

Design Features of a Well Managed Talend Project

Let me summarize 8 years of working with Talend Data Integration into a few tips:All Context parameters keep their values in the database. Skip the drama with file paths across different OS’es. Keep context values in an easy-to-edit db table. My favorite is Mysql with a Navicat client. Ideally the system has quality default values that then get updated with the appropriate context value. All the logging goes to tables that correspond to tLogCatcher, tStatCatcher, tFlowMeter.

Open Source Frenemies in Big Data: Talend / Hortonworks

Hortonworks and Talend have the same business model which creates a conflict. ** ** Among the 3 biggest vendors of Hadoop: Cloudera, MapR, and Hortonworks, Hortonworks is the most committed to open source, and the fastest evolving. MapR is the most stable and commercial. The main business model of open source is to add a layer of convenience and management on top of some Apache licensed enterprise software, then to make more money with consultants.